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3 months ago

about month name differences

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with the dates again. My computer language is Deutsch and my testing area is English. So I want to select for example a day in december but the test complete try to find the dezember instead of december, so how can I convert the month dates by using scripts?

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    Actually I've changed the computer language than it worked. Now the system and the computer have the same languages. Not need to work on it anymore. Thanks a lot.

  • yes same problem i was faced long back. so i written one function u can use if u want

    function convertGermanToEnglishMonth(germanMonth) {
    const monthMappings = {
    'Januar': 'January',
    'Februar': 'February',
    'März': 'March',
    'April': 'April',
    'Mai': 'May',
    'Juni': 'June',
    'Juli': 'July',
    'August': 'August',
    'September': 'September',
    'Oktober': 'October',
    'November': 'November',
    'Dezember': 'December',

    return monthMappings[germanMonth] || germanMonth;


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      Thanks a lot, I will also try this

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    Give us an example of your script that's failing and we can try to help fix that.