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2 years ago

3D image in desktop application is not rendering during testing with Azure DevOps agent

We are using TestComplete with the option of ImageBased tests on a desktop application with 3D images into it (via OpenGL). We recorded a test and when we run it locally it works fine. When we then execute the test on a agent through Azure DevOps release pipeline, via an Agent and TestExecute on the VM, the test fails. Also the 3D image does not show up in the screenshots in the logging (everything else works fine). 
When we setup a remote desktop connection to that specific machine it also shows the 3D part (after we changed some settings). If we leave the Remote desktop session open, the 3D image show up nicely.

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    What is the error message when your pipeline fails? And how have you set up your agent on the VM? Is this a self-hosted agent or Microsoft hosted agent?


    The agent would need to be set up as an interactive process with auto-logon enabled, and not set up as a service - [see here] and [see here]