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2 years ago

1. TestComplete Node Locked License and Remote Access - 2. Which license is TestExecute

We would like to develop tests on a physical machine that has built in various PC components such as PCI cards and more. This machine is located in a production hall and is connected via cables to the actual customer systems (climate cabinets and more), which can be different each time. Test development is not possible without that hardware.
Our test developer should be able to connect to this development machine via Teamviewer.
If we don't need to develop our tests, but just want to run them, an additionally purchased TestExecute license shall be used. In the worst case, this is to be run every day on a different (customer) PC.

1. is the use of remote desktop tools like VNC or TeamViewer a violation of the license terms of a node locked license of TestComplete?

2. is the TestExecute license (purchased in addition to TestComplete) always a floating license?


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  • Hi Knulli 


    Node locked licenses are bound to the machine. As long as the machine your connecting to(where the nodelocked is installed) is a physical machine and the MAC address / CPU data doesnt change then you should be good. 

    TestExecute is a floating license always. 


    Hope that makes sense 




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      Thanks for that information.

      I hope the sales team will accept that.

      They offered me a floating license for my scenario.



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        Hi Knulli 


        I can see why it was recommended. 


        majority of the time if we are remote connecting to a machine its likely to be a virtual environment so a floating license would be required there. 


        But if you know that the hall machine is a physical workstation, where the hardware attributes mentioned above will not change, and your application under test is also on that machine then you should be good


        If the attributes change, then you would have license problems 


        That of course is not an issue with a floating licenses