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3 years ago

SmartBear Talks | Meet the TestComplete Product Management Team - Justin Kim

Hi TestComplete Community!


We've prepared another great interview for you that will get you acquainted with more SmartBears working on TestComplete. Our today's guest, Justin Kim, is an Associate Product Manager, and Justin is already community-famous! hkim5 has helped a lot of people here and contributed great technical articles, too.

We spoke with Justin about his transition to the Product Team, his favorite TestComplete features, and the future of the tool. Enjoy:



Justin Kim - Associate Product Manager focusing on TestComplete, SmartBear


00:00 Introduction

01:03 Justin's current role in Product Management

02:30 How Justin became part of SmartBear

03:18 The most rewarding part of the workday

04:35 Great advice from Justin to be on top of new technology

06:55 The TestComplete Community as a learning resource

07:38 Top 3 features of TestComplete you should check out

09:58 TestComplete roadmap - here's what you should expect!

12:16 A special message for the TestComplete Community


The Product Management team had a very insightful panel at SmartBear Connect 2021, make sure to take a look! You can access all the sessions here:

Access Connect 2021 On-Demand


Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video. Feel free to post your questions under this post, in case you have any. You can watch more videos with the TestComplete Team on this page.



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  • When will you be adding support for QT 6.   This is very important to our company.

    The QT 6 update adds support for the Mac M1 chips, so any software that is multi-platform like ours is pretty much going to have to update sooner rather than later.   

    Please look into to updating your QT support.