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3 years ago

SmartBear Talks | Meet a TestComplete Solutions Engineer - Emma Barbera

Hi everyone!


We did a great interview with Emma Barbera (ebarbera) - a Solutions Engineer at SmartBear focusing on TestComplete. You might have met Emma here, on the TestComplete forums, she's been contributing a lot of useful information to the Community! Learn more about Emma's day-to-day job, how she joined SmartBear, what advice she has for new TestComplete users, and more in this video interview.


Watch the interview: 


Emma Barbera - a Solutions Engineer at SmartBear focusing on TestComplete



00:00 Introduction

00:45 Emma's day-to-day job as a Solutions Engineer at SmartBear

01:43 Emma's background and how she joined SmartBear

03:00 The best part of Emma's job

04:06 How Emma self-educates to be on top of the tech trends

04:54 How Emma learned TestComplete when she first joined the SE Team and her advice for all novice users

06:08 Emma's message to the TestComplete Community!


I hope you liked this video interview! Feel free to comment on this video/post your questions under this post. You can watch more videos with the TestComplete Team here.


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