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May 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hi all, welcome to the May TestComplete Community News. This is your monthly news digest dedicated to highlights of the TestComplete Community life. All feedback is appreciated – simply leave any comments/suggestions below. Let’s start!


Meet THE Testcomplete TEAM

Are you curious about the people behind TestComplete and their insights? We’ve got you covered – we started a series of interviews with the TestComplete Team, and the first interview is a special one.


Our guest is Prashant Mohan, Director of Product Management focusing on TestComplete. Prashant determines which direction the tool will take, and he shared his thoughts on the TestComplete roadmap and how it aligns with the QA trends.


Subscribe to the TestCompleteTeam label – we’ll be posting more interviews with the TestComplete Team soon.





The activity levels have been great in the TestComplete Community in April. Many of you contributed by asking questions, offering solutions, sharing your use cases... way to go!


Here are the most active community members for the last month – they got the biggest number of Kudos! Let’s congratulate them:




Product update

The TestComplete Team released a new product version recently: TestComplete 14.81. Another great feature-packed release that followed a bigger one - 14.80. Among the most prominent improvements in the two releases:


  • Enhanced cloud-compatible mobile testing
  • Run mobile tests in parallel
  • Smarter web testing
    • Better object recognition and object mapping in web applications
    • Support for proxies in cross-platform web tests
    • Device Cloud add-on is no longer needed for cross-platform tests
    • Easier parallel test runs
  • New Salesforce Support plugin
  • And much more!

Read about more improvements here: What's New in TestComplete 14.81.  

If you have a maintenance subscription, go here to update to TestComplete 14.81

If you’re interested in TestComplete but don’t have it, request a free 30-day trial



New to TestComplete? Check out our class, TestComplete Introductory Training.


This video gives you a nice overview of all the major TestComplete features and will be extremely helpful for new users, or even those who just need a refresher.


For more classes, visit the SmartBear Academy. The SmartBear Academy is a great resource for anyone willing to improve their knowledge of TestComplete, or any other SmartBear products. Just create an account and get free access to learning courses! 



Here are the biggest community discussions this past April. Feel free to participate in any of them!


That’s all for today. Feel free to post your comments below.

Stay awesome, TestComplete Community!

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