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June 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hi Community!

Welcome to the monthly TestComplete Community news. Let’s get into the May 2021 highlights!


inside Testcomplete

We continue our community introduction to the TestComplete team by talking with Emma Barbera, a Solutions Engineer focusing on TestComplete. I am sure a lot of you met Emma on the forums, her community name is ebarbera 


We spoke about Emma’s work responsibilities, how she became part of the Team, and her personal experience of learning TestComplete. Check out the video interview below. If you liked the video, don’t forget to give it Kudos and leave comments!




Find more Inside TestComplete interviews under TestCompleteTeam tag.



One month left until we announce the quarterly TestComplete Community Leaders. Becoming a Community Leader is easier than you think – contribute to the Community by posting replies and get Kudos!


For now, let’s congratulate the top contributors for May 2021:




Great job!


smartbear academy

May was a big month for the SmartBear Academy:


1. We made updates so that it’s easier than ever to navigate.

2. We published 3(!) new free TestComplete learning courses:

  • TestComplete Desktop Automation Engineer – Learn how to create automated tests for desktop apps from scratch!
  • TestComplete Web Automation Engineer – Learn the specifics of creating web tests as it guides you through the test creation process.
  • TestComplete QA Architect – This course will be extremely helpful for a QA Manager. It speaks about standardizing and deploying test automation, making the tests maintainable by all relevant stakeholders, and how to report test outcomes to relevant management tools.

Enroll in any of the courses today, learn new things, and come back to the TestComplete Community to share your knowledge and get more Kudos!



Great conversations sparkle in the TestCompelte Community daily. Take a look at the biggest discussions for May, and feel free to participate:

Community enhancements

Our goal is to keep improving your community experience. Recently we’ve deployed a new feature – now you can reply to the community posts you follow right from the email notification. You can accept solutions and give Kudos, too!


Simply click the corresponding link in the email you receive from the SmartBear Community and you are good to go:


Read more about this feature here and stay tuned for more improvements!


That’s all for this month – and don’t forget to post any questions/comments you have below.

Let’s have an awesome June!

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