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3 years ago

Community Day 2021 - Integrating OS X in the TestComplete Testing Process

Hi TestComplete Community,


Community Day 2021 is here! This is going to be a great day full of QA insights. The first session is already available below.


Integrating OS X in the TestComplete Testing Process

by Andrew Redkin, TestComplete QA Engineer


In this session, you will learn tips and tricks of how to run bash scripts on remote computers with OS X with the help of TestComplete and the Plink utility, how to synchronize files from OS X with a shared Windows folder, and how to correctly set up a TestComplete project to work with an iOS device from the BitBar device cloud. This process is pretty easy but has a couple of peculiarities explained in this session.


Enjoy the video session and ask your questions regarding the video session in the comments below, our QA team is excited to share their expertise with you!


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Watch the session:




00:00 Speaker introduction

02:29 The session's start

02:49 The use case description

03:17 Settings on OS X

05:00 The Plink utility description

05:20 Creating and setting up a project in TestComplete

06:57 Writing script in TestComplete for running bash scripts on remote Apple Mac

10:34 Settings for working with BitBar

13:12 Writing a test for a mobile application


Our team is ready to answer your questions on the topic in the comments below!


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    Many thanks to Andrew for the informative video!

    One question: Is bundleId custom capability specific to TestComplete? Where is it documented? What are the rules that its value must follow?


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      Hello Alex, thank you for the question!

      No, bundleId is not specific to TestComplete. The bundleId is one of Appium desired capabilities.

      You can read about it here (see the "iOS Only" section).
      Also we speak about it in BitBar documentation (see the "BitBar desired capabilities" section).

      And we mention it in TestComplete Documentation (see the "Prerequisites for iOS applications" section).

      For your iOS application you can get bundleId from the Xcode project:
      • select your target
      • switch to Singing & Capabilities
      • copy the value from the Bundle Identifier field


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        Thank you a lot for the detailed answer and links provided! Much appreciated.


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    I am new to TestComplete.  It is nice to know that TestCompete can execute and validate applications running on OSX. 


    Are there any plans to provide running of TestComplete on  non Windows machines?  Many of our users and developers run on mac computers.  It would be nice to be able to run TestComplete natively on a Mac too.

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      Thanks for your feedback, romrellob. We are considering this option.

      Could you provide more information on your use case?

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        Thanks everyone for the great conversation!

        The best question bonus points will go to Alex Karas. Congrats🙂

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    Thanks for the video!  We have minimal support of mobile devices with our apps but I think this may be changing soon.  What are some common mistakes when starting mobile testing that you can help me avoid?

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      Hi, Marsha_R, this is a great question!

      There are some mistakes which I made in the past and learned to avoid:
      * always plan your tests (see Plan Your Test and Planning test)
      * don't depend on virtual machines (simulators) with Android or iOS. Always execute tests on physical devices (you will not have such issues with BitBar because there are real devices there)
      * check the mobile application with different parameters of the environment (for example slow or non-existing Internet)