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April 2021 | TestComplete Community News

Hi Everyone!


Welcome to the April TestComplete Community News! We've got a lot of interesting stuff to share this month. A new Community Leader interview full of TestComplete insights, for one. Plus community life updates, including the Q1 Community Leaders, March top discussions, and more!


Community Leader Interview

We interviewed one of the stars of the TestComplete Community – Anupam Champati, aka anupamchampati. Since joining in 2020, Anupam became very active in the community. In that short span of time he managed to earn Quarterly Leader twice!


In this interview, we talk about Anupam's path to success as a QA specialist and community leader, and how the TestComplete Community helped him. He has some practical advice for those learning TestComplete, and named the features he likes using best.





It’s hard to process, but the first quarter of 2021 is already over! Which means it’s time to congratulate the new SmartBear Community Leaders and thank them for their great contribution to the TestComplete Community.


They are: AlexKarasMarsha_RtphillipsBenoitB 


Congratulations folks! Your contributions these past few months has been truly outstanding. Thank you for sharing your expertise and helping others!


Note: Anyone can become a Community Leader! All it involves is just sharing your knowledge and helping fellow community members. Learn more on our Community Leaders program here.



Last month’s conversations inside the community were as insightful as always. The community is growing, and we’re getting more and more useful content out of it.


Take a look at the most discussed topics for March:



The SmartBear Academy offers great free courses for TestComplete. Check out the full list of courses available. Some of the courses have an exam – after passing it successfully, you get a certificate and receive a special badge in the SmartBear Community!


Congrats to those who got certified last month and earned the Academy Certified badgeLee_MjishakackattilJFred0973Pritim     


Recently, we’ve updated the TestComplete Introductory Training course with the new March video. The course will help you learn the basics of TestComplete. Enroll today!



That’s all for this edition of the TestComplete Community Newsletter! Thank you for reading. Q2 starts now, and I look forward to all the great things we’ll be able to report in the next issue. See you then! 

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