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Q1 2021 SmartBear Community Leaders Announcement

Hi everyone,



Q1 has been very productive for the SmartBear Community. You asked a lot of great questions, shared your stories and use cases, and, of course, helped one another!


It's time to announce our quarterly Community Leaders. These community members contributed so much in Q1!


To understand the positive impact these people make, take a look at the numbers for Q1 2021:

Solutions by Leaders
(47% from all!)
Replies by Leaders
(35% from all!)
Kudos Received by Leaders
(53% from all!)  


Without further ado, Q1 2021 Community Leaders:




We are all thankful for the time and effort you are dedicating to helping fellow testers, this is truly incredible. 


Thanks again, Community Leaders, you are the best! SmartBear will be rewarding you with a $50 gift card, as well as a special Community Leader badge! And, we'll be updating the Hall of Fame by adding your new ranks there🏅


Dear community member, remember, you can become a Leader, too. To do this, be active on the forums: reply to threads, get Kudos, post questions and code samples, share your experiences of working with SmartBear tools. More on our Leaders Program here.


See you in the Community!

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)