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April 2021 | ReadyAPI Community News

Greetings, All!

Welcome back to the April ReadyAPI Community News. As usual, we’ll cover the hottest and most interesting community topics. Subscribe to the news to always be notified and leave your comments if you have any questions/suggestions/notes.



I’m sure you want to know more about ReadyAPI!

This month we continue introducing you to the members of the ReadyAPI team, so you can learn more about the people who are developing the best tool for API testing – ReadyAPI? 


Today, I present Alianna Inzana, Senior Director of Product Development for API and Virtualization. Ali started her career as an analyst, where she was happy to work with digits before she dove into the world of APIs. Check out what her passion is these days, along with what we can expect from ReadyAPI in 2021. 


>> Watch the interview with Ali Inzana 



As usual, each quarter we’re happy to announce the most active community members, and award them with the elite community status of “SmartBear Leader.”  


Please join me in congratulating this quarter’s Leaders in the ReadyAPI Community - you probably saw their participation and the contributions they made each day.



You rock, gang! Thanks for your willingness to help make the SmartBear Community great. Each ReadyAPI Community Leader earns a $50 gift card, courtesy of SmartBear. 


Community, we encourage each of you to participate more actively in the community – bring up your own questions, answer other questions, and share your insights. Help us out starting today, and you might find out that next quarter it will be your name announced as a Community Leader!  


Find out more about contributing. 



We’ve just released the new version of ReadyAPI, version 3.7. It’s got some great new features and improvements: 

  • Kafka support
  • Assertion groups
  • and much more

Read the What's New in ReadyAPI 3.7 article to learn about these and other improvements.


Download it now: If you’re a licensed user, get the latest version at the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. (And if you’re interested in giving ReadyAPI a shot, request a free 14-day trial).


Academy Certified

The SmartBear Academy provides a set of courses to help you learn ReadyAPI. Different course levels will fit the needs of learners with different skills.  


Review the ReadyAPI courses and enroll in the ones you like 


Once you complete a course, you will receive a special community badge – Academy Certified. 


Recently, we’ve updated the ReadyAPI Introductory Training course with the new March video. The course will help you learn the basics of ReadyAPIEnroll today! 




How many topics did you participate in last month? If you didn’t chime in on the following hot discussions, now’s the time! 



Please check out the new TechCorner article created by one of our active contributors – JoostDG.

Gmail OAuth 2.0 API Automation Example and example SubmitListener.beforeSubmit


Thanks for sharing!


All technical articles containing user stories, use cases, code samples, scripts, etc., posted to the ReadyAPI Community are stored under the TechCorner tag – to which you can subscribe to stay informed of all new posts.


Definitely use this tag in your own posts if you have awesome technical material to share with the Community!

 That’s all for this month! Thanks so much for reading, and remember: contribute! The ReadyAPI Community is great as long as it has members like you keeping it vital and active.


/SmartBear Community Team

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    Kafka support is an arsenal to the tool. Kudo to the Smartbear team for the new release and leaders of the community.