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2 years ago

VS2022 Windows Server 2019 swagger UI not displaying when debugging

Hi first time poster here:

I have a strange situation. I created a solution with a number of API projects in vs2022 on a Windows 10 box. I installed the swashbuckler nuget package and was able to test/debug my endpoints using the swagger UI with no problem.


I thin had to move to a VM with Windows Server 2019. Again using VS2022. I cloned my repo from the one I was using on the Windows 10 box. On this machine the swagger UI doesn't display. I uninstalled the nuget package and then reinstalled it. No difference. I cannot see any differences in launchsettings.json, nor anywhere else. I have also been googling for potential solutions and cannot find anything.


Anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?

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