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3 years ago

swaggerhub integration with azure devops


I want to have version control on my API like in GIT. so when  imake mistakes i can go back to my previous commit?

I didn't find the functionality in Swaggerhub.  Is this correct?


so I made an integration with our git repositories in Azure devops. But now I see that I have to config this for every API and version.

Can i do the setup once for all my API's

Or is there an  other way?


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  • You are correct, SwaggerHub does not have GIT logic functionality, we recommend using the SCM integrations for managing Commits. 


    There is no "global" level SCM integration, because the Repo and Branch change from API to API.


    However: there are a Registry API calls (and a CLI) that can create/modify/delete/execute Integrations !!


    Using the Registry API end-points or the CLI you could build some scripting to prompt for required attributes (auth/repo/branch/etc.) and then create the integrations for the Spec in SwaggerHub. You could even execute them !!