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8 years ago

Interactive API Docs 'Try it out!' Headers

Hi,   I tried to add 'Cookie' header to my request, but there isn't this header in request that comes to web app.   Here is my header spec: parameters: - name: "Cookie" i...
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    8 years ago

    Hi Nikita,


    So we've added a preliminary fix.

    If you add a Cookie header parameter, and send it via the Interactive Api Doc's Try it our form, it will be proxied to your target server.

    However, there is a caveat. We do the above step manually ( or something like that ), and Interactive Api Docs will not hold a cookie that gets sent /back/ from the target server.


    We will release this and the 502 Gateway issue this week.


    As part of our new release, we've updated the Interactive docs to include an *Authoriazation* button, which might help with your Cookie header... looking forward to see if that gives you the edge you need!


    Happy Wednesday :)