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9 years ago

SwaggerHub - Interactive API Docs 'Try it out!' does not return results

I have an API that validates and produces results using the Try this Operation / 'Send Request' button in the application


However, the same API definition does not produce results through SwaggerHub / Interactive API Docs tab / 'Try it out!' and SwaggerHub / Editor tab / Send Request. The screen does not report any errors it just shows the animated elipsis forever.


Should I expect those features to work? If it were a cross origin issue I would expect the application to fail also. My cors header exceptions are not specific to but are wide open.


Thanks for any help you can provide. Lovely tool!

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    9 years ago

    Apologies for the confusion, I had an issue with testing it on my end.


    So it seems the problem is that the requests being generated is http and that doesn't work well because SwaggerHub is hosted on https. I can see that you've defined both http and https and the API calls do work with https.


    I'd suggest trying to change the order of schemes and put https first to see if that works. If not, for now, you can remove the http from the spec itself. Fixing that issue would require a more elaborate solution from our end but we'll get it done.

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