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4 months ago

Import doesn't work?

Originally posted by user TreehouseTechie to the Stoplight Community on 10/13/2023 at 10:46 ET. Created new workspace, imported an OpenAPI 3.0 file. and .. nothing happens, the API content is not i...
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    4 months ago

    a_welch (Staff) [10/17/2023 - 16:44 ET]

    Hello TreehouseTechie! i just tested importing an OpenAPI 3.0.0 file without any issues. Please note that you are limited on the number of projects you can create in a Free workspace, the limit is 1. So if you are trying to create a second project that could be the issue. If that is not the case I would recommend that you review the Developer Tools > Console in your browser for any additional error messages. And here is a link to our documentation on supported file types: