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5 months ago

AWS Lambda

Originally posted by user Ross to the Stoplight Community on 02/07/2024 at 13:00 ET.

Hi all. I'm trying to integrate multiple microservices that create open API spec files. All of these files combine together for one API document.  Currently this is done by hand and is integrated with a Getlab hook into Stoplight. We want to move to a more integrated automatic approach.

My hope is that each microservice will produce a swagger.json file during CI/CD build where it gets uploaded to an AWS S3 bucket. I want to then have an AWS Lambda pick those file(s) up, manipulate, and use Stoplight CLI to push them to an environment branch of the Stoplight project.

We are creating a design document now to make these changes, but I don't know if AWS Lambda can run the Stoplight CLI tool. Theoretically, it's just node, so it should be able to run it, right?  If not, can I submit to stoplight using HTTP?



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