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7 years ago

WS-Security decrypt of incoming message failing with no error indication - SoapUI 5.2.1 on Ubuntu

I receive a SOAP response message that is encrypted with the certificate that is stored in the Java keystore defined to SoapUI.


SoapUI keystore definition

The SoapUI incoming WSS definition is:Incoming WSS configuration

 The request from SoapUI specifies the "Decrypt" incoming WSS.

The output from the web service is encrypted with the SoapUI/keystore's certificate.

The entry in the SoapUI/keystore:

keysfromclient, Mar 8, 2017, keyEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 0F:98:5D:50:F5:4B:97:C0:83:36:73:0E:66:03:AC:A2:9A:AE:68:92

When I send the request, I get the encrypted message in the "raw" tab of the response pane, and no error message in the error log.Response in "raw" tab

 Below the Request pane, there is a message "Error getting response: null"

The SoapUI log has:

Thu Mar 16 18:47:07 EDT 2017:DEBUG:Attempt 1 to execute request

Thu Mar 16 18:47:07 EDT 2017:DEBUG:Sending request: POST /BookingService/sign HTTP/1.1

Thu Mar 16 18:47:07 EDT 2017:DEBUG:Receiving response: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Thu Mar 16 18:47:07 EDT 2017:DEBUG:Connection can be kept alive indefinitely

Thu Mar 16 18:47:07 EDT 2017:INFO:Error getting response for [BookingServiceSOAP.BookTravel:10- Crypto Request]; null

Thu Mar 16 18:47:40 EDT 2017:DEBUG:Connection closed

 The HTTP log has basically what is shown in the "raw" response pane.

The error log is empty.


Any ideas? I have no error messages to give me any guidance.










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    I have noticed issues with null responses when using WSSecurity and decrypting the response (signatures seemed to work ok) - from memory, replacing jar 'xmlsec-1.4.5.jar' with 'xmlsec-1.5.6.jar' in the SoapUI lib folder might help?




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      Bummer, I tried that with high hopes, but alas, still no joy.

      In fact, SoapUI failed to add a signature for the outgoing message (a new problem).

      I also saw a discussion that referenced wss4j-1.6.19.jar as a problem. I separately tried multiple levels of wss4j.jar, but no improvements.

      One possible factor is that I am using the IBM JRE, rather than the bundled JRE (Oracle version?). Licensing issues with the non-IBM JREs...

      Thanks for the reply tho,



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      Many thanks. This solved my pain on Ubuntu 16.04 and SoapUI 5.3. Almost a month of trying all kind of things.

      One other (important!!!) thing to know about SoapUI: the key password MUST be the same as the keystore password.