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9 years ago

How to use relative path for keystore (WS-Security Configuration)



I use .p12 keystore for tests in SoapUI Pro. I add keystore and absolute path set automatically. (locally test works fine)

But when I run test on Jenkins I get error - No such file or directory. How I can set relative path for keystore?

  • I set the SSL Keystore and password programmatically

    import com.eviware.soapui.settings.SSLSettings
    import com.eviware.soapui.SoapUI 
    // set
    SoapUI.settings.setString( SSLSettings.KEYSTORE, pathToKeystore )
    SoapUI.settings.setString( SSLSettings.KEYSTORE_PASSWORD, keystorePassword )
    // get
    SoapUI.settings.getString( SSLSettings.KEYSTORE, "value to return if there is no such setting set" ) 

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      How I can add ${projectDir} in the path? I can't change path in Source field (Keystores).

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        You are right. It looks like only full path to files are allowed. Might be this is ok as such files are usually stored in one common place where everyone has access to.