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15 years ago

WS -SECURITY ENCRYPTION Without private key

i am trying to use soap ui2.5.1 to do the ws -security (encrypiton and digital signatures)

Everything works if I put a JKS keystore file (.jks) which contains the private key and the certfiicate from our Certification Authority

Our real use case is to certify this with a keystore that just contains the certificate and not the private key.

This fails, SOAP UI gives the following error inder the keystore tab under status

The exception is correct because we dont intend to put private keys into keystores that will bve used by soap ui and ultimately our clients

Is the requirement for private key a soap ui restriction?

Is there a way we can just configure the cert (without private key) on soap UI (maybe using different format versus JKS)
and get ougoing wss to work ?