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4 years ago

Unable to get an .xlsx file as an attachement in rest api response


I'm trying to get a xlsx file as an attachment in response of an REST API, however for some reason I'm failing and the attachment list remains empty. the SoapUI keeps returning an html reponse stating "unsupported content-type [application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet]" while the status code is 200 for the data, so the file is there. Also, I double checked with swagger and i was able to download the attachement there without any issues. Anyone knows how to fix this? 

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    Hey alcocolino,

    Can you confirm what is returned in the RAW, XML, JSON tabs.
    The error could be a bit misleading.

    Whats the datatype of the response payload (not the attachment).

    What is reported in the soapui and http and error logs when you run your request?

    Are you trying to save the that correct?

    If "yes", how are you attempting to save the attachment?