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2 years ago

SSL connection setup for Hermes JMS

Hi All,


We are trying to establish SSL connection for Hermes JMS queues where provider is Tibco EMS.

For non SSL connection we were able to connect to the queues successfully.


But after it is moved to SSL we are not able to make connection to the session / queues.

We have tried to set KeyStore (.jks) using the .jks file shared by the development team, but no success.

We are getting error as :

MQJE016 : MQ queue manager closed channel immediately during connect.


My question is what else do we need here.

The .jks file shared will be unique across systems ? Do we need to generate our own jks file based on some public/private keys. (Sorry as I have limited knowledge on the working of these files.)

Do we need to add more parameters in MQ connection factory settings related to SSL like SSLCiphersuite etc?

Need your urgent help in resolving this.


If you need more info from me to help resolve the topic, pls revert.




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