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5 years ago

Hermes Configuration Issue in Ready API

" Invalid Hermes configuration. Make sure the 'Hermes Config' project property specifies the path to the hermes-config.xml file. "


When i was trying to send request getting above error.
How to fix this issue?

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    Hi PratikshaMehete,

    What version of ReadyAPI! are you running?

    I'm responding cos i can see there have been lots of views but no-one's responded as yet, but i'm unsure if i can help.

    I've looked on my laptop (i've had ReadyAPI! versions 1.9 up to 2.8) and hermes files' config appears to have changed over those versions, but for my latest version i have 2 files for my 2.8 version




    Also if i look in any project i have in my default workspace in the project navigator, my 'Hermes Config' setting is set to C:\Users\Rich\.hermes

    My logged on user is 'Rich'

    Does your hermes config look like this?

    Without any other info, i think the easiest option to try and fix your hermes related config would be to reinstall ReadyAPI!

    Sorry i can't be of more help....i know hermes relates to JMS, but other than that i've never had to think about the hermes config before


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      Thank you guys!


      Hi PratikshaMehete  I’ve found a similar post, have you tried the solution mentioned there? Let me quote: 


      The HermesJMS path in File -> Preferences -> Tools -> HermesJMS should specify the correct path to the valid hermes-config.xml file, i.e. {Ready API install}/hermesJMS. 


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        Hi sonya_m,

        I'm currently running v2.8. I always wait a couple or months before upgrading to the latest version.

        I think the installed config/files has changed quite a bit over the ReadyAPI! versions. I've upgraded versions from v1.9 all the way to v2.8. (v1.9, v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4, v2.5, v2.6, v.2.7, v2.8)
        I've just had a look in my Preferences and the 'Hermes JMS' editable field on my v2.8 instance has the path that points to \Smartbear\ReadyAPI-2.3.0\hermesJMS

        I don't have a hermesJMS directory in my v2.8 ReadyAPI! parent folder on my hard drive.