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17 years ago

Question about running testsuite

Hi All,

I recently started using SOAPUI.

my setup:

1 testsuite
3 testcases
1 request per test case

this was done because i want all these requests to run parallel.

Now i go to testsuite editor and run the 3 est cases parallely..

It runs fine.. it even shows the assertions nicely... but i cannot see any kind og log.

The i go to individual requests and run them.. then i can see the log...

But if i run for 1000 test cases i dont want to go to the individual requests and run and also the main point is i want all these 1000 requests to run parallely.

the request editors by default are in asertions... but if the windows are started with request log then they show the log... but i cannot open 1000 windows and start changing to request log in each window...


also for my setup is there a better way of doing it in soapui

i want to simulate n calls and run them parallely.

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    are your 3 calls identical or to different operations/with different content?


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    Hi Ole,

    They are identical calls... but with different data.. infact most of the data is common... only a few fields change... but basically the request is the same...
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    infact if possible i want to import teh data from a file for each run but since i could not figure out how to do that... i wrote 3 different requests....

    something like:

    Request 1 : field 1 = 10

    import teh value of field from a file such that field 1 changes for each run....say when doing a loadtest we can mention how many runs we want.. so for each run i want to have a different value...