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6 years ago

Modify Teststep request to add new nodes with attributes using groovy script

Team I am facing an issue where I am able to fetch muliple values of an attibute from reponse using groovy script and want to create new nodes with attributes in next test step request. I have gone t...
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    6 years ago

    ngoyal ,


    Get the list of ChainCode and HotelCode and put them in a map.

    Then loop thru map and append nodes.


    You were almost there, but trivial error.


    Here is the script that you try & test online


    //You need to build the map from previous response
    def map = ['03062': 'ABC', '03092': 'ABC', '03144': 'ABC']
    criteria = xml.'**'.find {'Criterion' ==}
    criteria.appendNode {
    	map.each { k, v ->
    		HotelRef('ChainCode' : v, 'HotelCode': k)
    } groovy.xml.XmlUtil.serialize(xml)