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2 years ago

get teststep name/label


Im pretty new to this, so i need to ask. Have googled alot, but no answer. 



"Save/export request and response as file into folder"

I have a groove script i found via google search, that provide me with the correct setup. But it saves the files with  the testCase name, and not the testStep name. 

I was wondering if there are some way to get testStep name. 


------------ My current script ---------------

String tcName = testRunner.testCase.getName()


File req = new File("filePath" + tcName + "_request.xml")

File res = new File("filePath" + tcName + "_response.xml")


req.write context.expand('${"RequestName"#Request}')

res.write context.expand('${"ResponseName"#Response}')



This saves files in folder as "tcName_request.xml" and "tcName_response.xml" , but would like to have them as "testStepName_request.xml" and "testStepName_response.xml"

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