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6 years ago

Looking for information on SoapUI Open Source and Oracle Java Licensing.

Hi there, I'm currently working with a group that is currently evaluating installed instances of Oracle's Java in their environment in effort to remove it where applicable in order to avoid any licensing concerns due to Oracle's licencing changes this year. There are a few instances of SoapUI (open source version) in use, and I'm trying to determine if there are any potential licensing issues due to the fact the installer bundles Oracle's JRE in with the SoapUI software. I've ran a few searches through the forum and support board but haven't come up with any results. Are there any links or documentation that anyone is aware of that addresses SoapUI and how, or if it's use is impacted by Oracle's licensing change in January? Thanks.

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    I do not think that would impact endusers as long as SoapUI installer is used and using it with bundled jre (as it is out of users scope as he is not installing oracle jdk / jre explicitly). Isn't it so?