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7 years ago

Join us at SmartBear Connect - Interesting SoapUI Talk

Hi Guys,


As you heard, in September, we are setting up the first user conference. This is a 2-day event, Sept 12-13, that will take place in Boston, MA.  There will be a lot of interactive product training classes and discussions with industry experts on the latest trends in API design, API quality, and software testing.

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Our API SmartBear Community contributor, szabonandi, will be talking at Sept 14, and he will share unintended uses of SoapUI. Nandor has shared a short preview of his speech at our SmartBear Connect user group. Watch it here:

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    Sounds like an awesome opportunity  to network and have an hands on experience learning from the best on the business

    Kudos to you for setting this up

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        I will need to convince my boss.

        I will take your blurb to draft something up!