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6 years ago

Connection to RabbitMQ

Hello Community Members,


I am trying to connect to RabbitMQ from SoapUi to write and retrieve messages for testing dependent services. I searched online for examples to connect to RabbitMQ from SoapUI pro/Ready Api but  cant find any .


Can one of you please help . I humbly request for a simple example as well if available which will help me to build cases for my need 


Thanking you


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      Hi all,


      Nastya_Khovrina thank you for your time looking into this!


      shalu, does Nastya's reply answer your question? If so, could you please click the Accept as Solution button below her reply so that other users could find the answer easily in the future?

      Thanks in advance.



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      Hello Nastya_Khovrina,

      I was wondering if you could clarify something for me:

      From RabbitMQ documentation:

      RabbitMQ is not a JMS provider but includes a plugin needed to support the JMS Queue and Topic messaging models.

      And from ReadyAPI documetation:

      You can configure a direct connection to the JMS provider from ReadyAPI without using any additional intermediaries.

      So my question is: Can ReadyAPI talk to RabbitMQ that has JSM support enabled? If yes, how?

      Also note that HermesJSM has been abandoned sometimes in 2011, and using Java8 (which ships with latest ReadyAPI) it no longer works.


      Lastly, if anyone is interested: I ported the RabbitMQ tutorials to SoapUI. The MR can be found here; until the merge is accepted, you can find the SoapUI project here.

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        In a theory, you should be able to connect if you do the following:

        1. Put the JMS client libraries to the ReadyAPI_Install\bin\ext folder. 

        2. Create a JMS Server and specify the following settings:

        - Initial Context Class

        - Provider URL

        - Connection Factory JNDI Name

        and credentials if needed.


        So, I have several questions to you:

        - Do you have a bindings file?

        - Do you have a connection factory?