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3 years ago

Is Hermes gone?

In our project we will soon need to support a JMS connection. So I downloaded and installed Hermes and wanted to integrate that with SOAP-UI. I *know* that I had done that at an earlier workplace (>5 years since). I followed the instructions ( and then wanted to call it up but this sentence does seem to be true anymore:

You can start HermesJMS from the Project menu:

I *have* configured the path to Hermes in the Preferences -> Tools dialog, but it does *not* show up in the Project menu (in no menu at all).


Does that functionality not work anymore? I recall that it was very convenient.


Is Hermes not supported anymore? When I start it via the .bat file its icon appears but then it seems to hang and nothing happens anymore. ğŸ˜ž


Later edit: Googling and searching around I realize that support for Hermes apparently seized long time ago. While I just got it going again (using a Java 8 VM, not with my default Java 11) it seems hopelessly fallen out-of-time. A pity!

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      I was exactly trying with v5.6. I'll consider retrograding. Thanks for making me aware!
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    I've used HermesJMS in SOAPUI for years as part of an automated Continuous Integration pipeline because we use IBM MQ. I've also just tried to upgrade to version 5.6.1 due to the log4j vulnerability and couldn't get Hermes JMS working. Just wasted all of yesterday trying to get Hermes JMS to work, but just hangs when the .bat file is manually invoked. I am not sure why the installer still has it as an option if it's no longer supported!


    Hoping now that I can revert back to 5.5.0 and just update the log4j jar file.

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    I followed the referenced append but unfortunately this didn't work for me. 
    No menu entry or anything that would have allowed me to start Hermes would show up.
    The referenced thread is also locked - or else I would have responded there...


    Could you provide additional info how you did that? Could it have to do with the fact that I had to try with Java 11 since I didn't find Java 9 provided anywhere?