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7 years ago

I am very new to this and am having lots of issues with X Path Matches - can anyone help - please



I have just recently installed SOAP UI to try and up skill at home after been made redundant from my last role.


I have managed to get a few projects started and am getting to understand most (if not in great detail yet) teh assertions that can be used. However one that I am having some issues with is the X Path Match.


I have managed to get a very basic check to pass, however if I am understanding the concept correctly (and I may not be doing) I think it should identify content based on positions in the response. 


What I cannot understand is how do I make the position unique. 


If I am part understanding this correctly then I can see why it might be "tighter" than a "Contains Assertion" as it will look for specific instances as opposed to a blanket check... however I am struggling to see how it does this.


If anyone can help, or share a working example that would be very, very appreciated. 


I have also included two screen clips of my attempts, one that woulds and one that fails. 


I do not understand why the one that fails does indeed fail, and I do not think the one that works is performing a proper check, or not what I think it should be checking anyway. 


Best Regards (and thanks in advance)



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    Hi Neil,


    There is more than one match in the response for //m:tCardInfo (an error message is displayed when clicking the Select from current button), so if you want to select the first occurrence then the XPath Expression could be



    If you want to select a specific game date then the XPath Expression could be



    Some other examples