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17 years ago

How to stop DataSource Loop when LoadTest limit is reached

Hi everyone,

I have done a load test plan which contains a DataSource loop.
Also I have set a default limit on the test plan (measured in seconds).

The DataSource loop loops over a file that is big enough to test the system for several minutes.

When I start the load test, I have set a limit on 20 seconds, and the test runs showing an encreasing progress bar that reaches 100% after 20 seconds. However, the test continues to run - requests continue to be send to the targeted test system and results are received and measured by the load test.

I assume this is based on a logic that allows any thread running to finish gracefully even if the limit has been reached - but as the threat doesn't stop until the loop has read all the data in the DataSource, it will practically ignore the limit totally and run until all lines in the DataSource has been read.

Is there any way of enforcing the limit of the load test? The solution should also work using the loadtestrunner when the -m parameter is used.

P.S. Have attached a ScreenShot of the load test - pictures can explain more then a 1000 words The test in the screenshot ran for about 5min before stopping.

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    there is a "Cancel Running" option in the LoadTest options dialog which should do what you want.. have you tried that?


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    Doh! Missed that one 

    But yeah, it does excactly what I want!

    Thanks for the help - really appreciate it.