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4 years ago

Iterate from the start of resultset after EOF is reached.

Following r my test step using Rest services.

1. Create Datasource ( Select Id from <tablename>)
2. getResouce for the specific ID (from step 1)
3. DataSource Loop.

depending on number of rows returned in step 1, the test iterates.

Can you please suggest how can this test run continuously after EOF is reached. Start from row 1 again, till EOF and repeat the whole step again.

It use to run earlier without making any specific settings in the Data Source step, but now it is failing.



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    Hi anand1,

    Just to clarify what you want.

    You have a looping testcase with n number of records in your datasource.

    The testcase loops fine relative to the n records in your datasource and once the testcase executes n times you want the whole thing to run again n times?

    Is that right? I feel like ive got that wrong somewhere cos why do you need the test to execute twice with the same datasourced records? Am i missing something?

    Nice one,

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      Yes you are right, I would like to run the request back again once it loops n times.

      Reason, there is one more request before that which results in n+10 records and everytime i run it,

      my subsequent request (which has n records) does not come back to the start of the record, once it reaches EOF.


      I have seen it earlier it use to work fine, not sure what has changed now.


      Any thoughts

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      No offense nmrao 

      From the time of soapui pro days I remember this thing works as if is default thing/feature, hard to believe that for this I need to add a groovy script to reset it in the newer version.

      No resistance in adding it, but somehow i feel that i am not able to harness the default features of the product .


      And adding another thread was to give the requirement a new perspective, nothing else.





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        But the other topic isn't updated after the replies whether you tried or those not helpful? Otherwise no way to know what happened

        Please understand that the people spend their time on the questions. So appreciate the response.