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3 years ago

How to pass the jar files in sop ui test runneer command line in 5.7 latest docker image

Am facing challenges in updating the latest version image in pipeline and not sure how to resolve this

I followed the same but am getting error like unable to recognise the jars during pipeline execution so can somebody give exact examples:
v=Extensions Folder:/ext

Specifies the folder whose content should be copied to the /bin/ext folder of the SoapUI Open Source installation in the container. Use this argument if your project requires additional libraries, such as database drivers.

I followed as below
Usage: testrunner -v="bitbucket path /jxl.2.5.jar":/ext "bitbucket/project.xml"

Note: On some systems, you may need to change the path in the following way:
"C:\Work\SoapUI Open Source Extensions" -> "/host_mnt/C/Work/SoapUI Open Source Extensions"
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