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3 years ago

Creating a custom Delay teststep via a Groovy scripting step

I managed to create a custom Delay test step via Groovy script but I can't seem to modify the step. def stepName = "DelayTimeWindow" def newPropertiesStep = testCase.getTestStepByName(stepName) if...
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    3 years ago


    I tried the way you are showing, but it still works. Please find the test case link which can be imported into a test suite.

    How to use:

    • Import xml into test suite and run the Groovy Script test step.

    What it does?

    • This time, changing the value of CUSTOM_DELAY with in the groovy script and run the Delay step from within Groovy to see the delay is changed or not dynamically.
    • Also Delay step is activated / deactivated and activated back to demonstrate. As you pointed you could not disable in you messages.
    • In the below screen shot, you can notice the log time difference
    • Initial value of property is 1s
    • Test run #1 with 3sec delay
    • Test run #2 with 10s delay