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15 years ago

Could not find type 'deliveryType@'

I ran into this error when I tried to add a WSDL.  Is this a wsdl error?

Basically, I wanted to test the 'catalogSearch' web service provided by
Saba and whenever I specified the WSDL URL as shown below I would
get the error.

Tue Sep 01 16:43:35 EDT 2009:ERROR:org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: src-resolve.a: Could not find type 'deliveryType@'. Do you mean to refer to the type named deliveryType (in catalogSearch.wsdl)?

Tue Sep 01 16:43:35 EDT Error loading schema types

Thanks, PV

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    Hi PV,

    I validated the WSDL with the Eclipse Web Tools project and it shows a number of errors (related to the one soapUI is having), maybe you could ask the publisher to check this out?