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4 years ago

Conversion of Automated SOAP Testcases to REST without rewriting

Hi Folks,


I have a requirement where in we need to convert Automated SOAP service test steps to REST in SOAP UI . But, without rewriting or creating a new REST Suite . Just the existing SOAP services steps should be converted to REST steps . Is the above scenario possible using SOAP UI ? 


Could anyone help me with the above one please ..

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    Hey rahulkm 


    I don't see how this is possible - perhaps the other forum members might know, but from my understanding this is not straightforward at all.


    For example - even if all your payloads are embedded within the test step so you might think you can just use a bit of groovy to strip out all of the SOAP envelope leaving the XML payload itself - the fact is that an executable teststep (e.g. SOAP or REST or HTTP, etc.) is actually a child of a specific HTTP operation beit REST or SOAP, so you'd have to change all the Services, Resources, Methods, & Requests. 


    Also - SOAP is considered to just use POST method (it's not really explicit - it might be in SoapUI - I can't check, I use ReadyAPI!) but SOAP essentially uses POST for all requests - GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, whereas REST typically uses the appropriate method for the request.


    It sounds like a nice idea - converting SOAP to REST - and even if it was even possible, I believe there are just too many variables to automate the process - I think it would take so much time to automate the process, you might just as well do it manually.


    Just my opinion - I could be wrong, but I don't believe I am,






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    Hi rahulkm ,


    I do agree with richie, don't think you can take it easily without heavy refactoring.

    But you may find a way using a proxy to transform you request (you can find an example here).

    Another way is to use a specific tool like DreamFactory.

    In both cases, I cannot certified the solution will work, sorry.