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7 years ago

can I use SoapUI to query cloud hosted CRM SaaS database?

I am going to be using SoapUI to test the publication of SOAP messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM across an ESB to a web service on a remote system. Part of my testing in this scenario would be to query the database at both ends of the flow and so using SoapUI, I'd typically use the JDBC test step to facilitate this.


This will NOT work with my current project because MS Dynamics is being run as a SaaS so we cannot setup direct connections to query the CRM's database (we can't use something like MS Enterprise Manager suite to query the Dynamics CRM's underlying SQL Server database) we are constrained to use an application like XRMToolBox (FetchXMLBuilder browser plugin) to query an 'entity layer' that represents the underlying database.


I am wondering if anyone has integrated the use of an application like XRMToolBox (FetchXMLBuilder) with SoapUI to query this entity layer rather than the underlying tables?  I can use SoapUI to parse the message content that is published to the ESB and I can manually run the queries using XRMToolBox, however if I want to automate my tests this is going to be a problem because I can't use the JDBC test step - hence the reason I'm asking if anyone has managed to use something like FetchXMLBuilder to query the 'entity layer' within SoapUI.


I'd welcome any comments,


Thanks in advance,

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