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7 months ago

Bug In ready api 3.48

Hi Sir/Madam, Not sure if this a valid bug, but I have come across this scenario in my work.
From my local workspace I imported my project as Import composite project (name is Test), After my project is successfully imported to ready api, I changed the name of the project to Test1 and made some changes to the test cases inside the project and saved the changes, later on I changed the project name from test1 to test and saved my project. After saving the changes I pushed my changes to GIT repo, After I pushed my changes one of teammates did git pull and after git pull when she tried to import the project to her ready API, There was error and she was not able to import the project. I did delete the project from my local work space and I did git clone from my master Repo and imported the project to Ready api, then the after import, the project name was displayed as Test1.
Actually, the issue when user after importing the project to ready api, if the user makes changes to the project name and click save project the name is updated in the local work space ( changing the name from test to test1) later on if the user changes name from test1 to test and saves the project actually the name is not updated from test1 to test in local work space.
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