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6 years ago

Ready APi 2.4 - Bug - Cannot create project with WSDL



I have somes SOAP services that I can create a project from there WSDL in 2.3. When I try with 2.4 version, it doesn't work.

(not all WSLD ) So far I have 3 services with the problem.


What kind of information do you need to investigate?





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    You can usually check the log files for more information, stored in the \userprofile\.readyapi\logs folder. the "Readyapi-errors.log" will usually detail why a WSDL failed to load. I would still open a support ticket as Lucian said, too. This is something that the official support may need to assist with.

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    This is a community forum. Any information you can provide might help. Like how you are trying to create the project, what does the wsdl contain (maybe even a sample wsdl if possible)...


    Anyways... if you think this is a bug you can open a support ticket here

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    Thank you both!


    I will open a ticket.