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8 years ago

Automation Test Cases by SoapUI

hello all,   i hope you will be fine,   am trying to make automation test cases by SoapUI 5.3.0 version currently am using xml codes, note that test cases about 650 test cases i don't know if Soa...
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    8 years ago

    It depends what you need to automate.


    If you need to automate:

    • creation of tests, e.g. generate the tests from WSDLs (or WADLs), you need Groovy (Java) skills
    • execution of tests: you don't need Groovy skills. 
    • custom processing of test results: you need Groovy skills.

    In SoapUI you can automate almost anything, as it provides full Java API and allows to use Groovy code inside the tests. It's up to you what to handle manually and what you need to automate.


    If your test cases are suitable for automation, i.e. if they share a common pattern, then I would automate as much as possible. Automation reduces your effort during test creation, and even more during repeated executions and following test maintenance.