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3 years ago

After update to Soap 7.5.0 is the raw view chown by default

Hi All,   I just updated to 5.7.0 and have now an issue. After sending a Soap request the response is always shown in the Raw-Register. Before the update it was by default the XML-Register.   Thi...
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    3 years ago

    if you download 5.6.1 last stable version from


    it works and display xml tab by default as we used to it


    log4j vulnerability also fixed in 5.6.1 if you download again. it uses log4j 2.16 which is fixed version and have necessary lookup variable set in soapui bat file to prevent latest vulnerability CVE-2021-44228


    so until soaui fix 5.7 raw tab issue, you may use 5.6.1 But download again


    Imran Barolia