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8 years ago

404 retrieving WSDL on load-balanced web server

When I attempt to import a wsdl from our production or test servers I get the following.  But the work straight out of localhost.


"Error loading url: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: Reference to undefined entity: raquo"


Now I plugged in wireshark and I can see that the initial request for the WSDL is successful.  However the next request to retrieve the xsd file(s) results in an IIS 404.  Which contains the raquo entity, hence the error.  PLEASE change this to look at the response code before attempting to parse the xml file.


For our production and test servers we run a cluster with load-balancing performed by IIS.  I believe this uses a session probably based on a cookie, which I'm guessing SoapUI pretty much ignores, and so the next request gets bounced to another node which may be faulty (or possibly the application is not even deployed to that node which is obviously my fault entirely)


This has happened to me a few times now, and I always have trouble understanding why.


Can anyone provide some more info/clarity on this and why it happens, and what may prevent it occurring in the future.


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    I have come accross the same multiple times.


    The cause is usually:

    • HTTP reverse proxy configuration (which is configured for service endpoints, but not for the XSD locations)
    • Incorrect addressess (hostnames) in the XSD URLs, then it needs to be changed in application server configuration
    • The nodes of the cluster are not synchronized (the service itself or just XSD exists on some nodes, but not on others)

    If you take the URLs of the XSD documents from the WSDL (schemaLocation attribute), are you able to get them via your browser?


    I agree that SoapUI could be more precise in describing the error.


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    A tiny and quick test: Were you able to open the wsdl and see it properly in a browser?