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5 years ago

Xpath Match by ChildNode

Hi, I'm trying to dev a test to assert if API response returns the same child nodes that I'm looking for. Since the info that I'm looking for doesn't return as value but child nodes, I need to match them with element names.



<Root> <Child1Parameters>...</Child1Parameters> <Child2Parameters>...</Child2Parameters> <Child3Parameters>...</Child3Parameters> <Child4Parameters>...</Child4Parameters> </Root>

So as in the example, I want to check if Root element has "Child1Parameters", "Child2Parameters", "Child3Parameters" and "Child4Parameters" nodes.


Do you know how can I do this?


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    Is it a SOAP request? If so, try using schema validation assertion.
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      am I misunderstanding?  the way I read this it sounds like you are asking to just assert the presence of the XML instance's elements or do you mean something different?


      if you just need to assert the presence of specific tags within the response, wouldn't an existence check be what you need?







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        Hi hincal, was the advice from the Community helpful? 


        nmrao, richie – thank you! :smileyhappy: