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3 years ago

While opening SOAPUI, it is loading the ReadyAPI projects automatically.... would like to avoid this

Hi mates,


I have saved one project in ReadyAPI, lets say project name is ABC_XYZ. 

When I open SOAPUI it is automatically loading ReadyAPI project(ABC_XYZ) and throws a warning like, "if you save the readyAPI project in SOAUP UI, it may work incorrectly".

I didnt see this behaviour till few weeks back. it is very weird.

ReayAPI version - 3.6

SOAPUI version - 5.6


Can anyone please help to avoid this ? While opening SoapUI, it should not read or load my ReadyAPI projects.






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    Had added a detailed solution some time ago to deal this case.

    Basically you need to have different settings.xml files for each and it should also contain workspace location different directory so that they won't clash.
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      Thanks for you reply nmrao 


      I didnt find file named setting.xml file in my ReadyAPI/soapUI installation directory. I am using MAC (OS 11). It would be great if you can guide me the steps.

      I have created a project in ReadyAPI and didnt touch soapui. But when I open soapUI it is automatically loading my ReadyAPI project.

      And please share the detailed solution page if you get it.