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4 years ago

Linting or automatic code checking in ReadyAPI ?

I would like to make ReadyAPI check the quality of a user's work (test cases and scripts), i.e. perform linting. The work can be checked as the user is typing it or when the user requests for it. For example, ReadyAPI should complain when the user does not write a description for a test case, the user's groovy code has known bad practices etc. Some rules can be ignored by the user, but some should be mandatory. I'd also like to generate a report of all the issues in a test case/script to see if people ignored the complains and did not follow best practices.

Can ReadyAPI already do this or is there a plan to add this feature ? If no to both questions, then could you please suggest any alternatives which could analyze the tests & scripts?

Keywords - Linting, Linter, Code Analysis.

PS - I added a feature request for this over here. Please vote for it if you like it.

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