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6 years ago

Values are not parsing in the new ReadyAPI Versions


I Created a test step where It will generate the request body.For That I Used to run a run test-step in which there is another run teststep which updates the firstname and last name .When I was using the previous ReadyAPI 2.2.0 version.It was working fine.but for the later versions. For the first time it will not take empty test case property instead Which I generated and set up the Testcase property name.for the second run it will take the values I generated.Please let me know if there are any modifications I should do ?


Request Body:

def requestBody= '''{
"FirstName": "${#TestCase#FirstName}",
"LastName": "${#TestCase#LastName}"


 Let me know If I amdoing anything wrong


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    Nothing changed in the way properties are referenced. Can you share an example project with us so we can better see what the problem is?
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      Sorry I was actually changed the property before the test step and got confused Thank you very much for the support.