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6 years ago

use property value in URL endpoint



I am pretty new to ReadAPI. However I have got some question. I would like to use custom property in the URL.


I have created a custom property on Project level. Now I want to use the property in the end point.

I have tried this, 


but I get an http://null (see attached screenshot). 


What am I doing wrong? And how to correct this?






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    I think your property expansion needs to be:




    You don't reference a project by name, it is more like a property specified by this project. See the following page for more details:



    As an aside, if you are using project properties to change server names, have you investigated the Environments functionality. This will allow you to easily configure Ready API to switch between a different set of end points, DB connections,etc. eg, Dev, SAT, UAT.

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      Hi everyone,


      Radford, thanks for your reply!


      mgroen2 did the above post help you accomplish your task? Or, do you have any additional information for us to consider?

      We are looking forward to hearing from you.