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6 years ago

Upgrading To ReadyAPI 2.7



We are currently looking at upgrading our ReadyAPI installation to version 2.7. We take the cautious approach of only taking upgrades when we need a bug fix or really require a new feature, and keep all our installations at the exact same version.


I would be very interested to hear of people experiences with upgrading to version 2.7? In particular I would would like to know if anyone has encountered bugs that have then been fixed and released in the Maintenance Build. While I haven't found any issues yet I'm trying to work out if it would be sensible to use the Maintenance Build (instead of the initially released version) if it fixes an issue I could potentially hit in the near future (as yet I have been unable to find a list of issues fixed in the Maintenance Build).


I look forward to hearing about your experiences.


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      Hey Radford,

      I've noticed a couple of defects that i didn't notice in earlier versions....they could've been there, but i never noticed.

      Its late 1am in morning..will provide a complete list tomorrow....its stuff thats annoying but nothing serious.

      Best thing to do...try and replicate my issues on your current version and see if upgrading is worth it


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        Thanks for the discussion, everyone!


        Community, feel free to share your experience with upgrading to version 2.7 here!