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4 years ago

Unable to Update Readyapi from 3.4.5 to latest version

Hi,   I'm trying to update my ready API version from 3.4.5 to the latest version and getting the below error while checking for the updates. can you please let me know the possible solutions?   ...
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    4 years ago
    Hey Sugumar22,

    The error response appears to indicate the host sourcing the install package was unreachable. Id give it some time (maybe the end of day or latest tomorrow morning) and retry as ive never had problems upgrading.

    Or perhaps try a mirror if there is one?

    Rather than using the update functionality to update, have you tried downloading independently as this might source from a different location. E.g.


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    4 years ago

    Thanks, richie  for your solutions. I've downloaded the standalone version.